The Lingot-Martin house

The LINGOT-MARTIN house is established at the heart of the Cerdonnais wine region, born in 1970 from the union of four families.

The five associated wine makers rooted in their region after many generations, have wisely added value to the 47 Ha CERDON’s vineyard.



The high Environmental Value agriculture (HVE) is a certification created and led by the Ministry of Agriculture, of Agri-foods and the Forest, and it aims at adding value to agricultural productions that take the initiative to commit voluntarily to follow an environmental-friendly processes.

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

Our CERDON Ancestral Method, as well as others of our wines from BUGEY designation, are certified as “Protected Designation of Origin” since 2009.

47 Hectares right at the heart of the Bugey-Cerdon designation,

exclusively located on hillsides, our vineyards enjoy the most favourable weather conditions: Well exposed to the sun.

Association owed to the share of the land:
Mechanical and traditional techniques combined.

Pruned and trained following the Guyot style, the gamay and the poulsard will bloom on clayey-limestone soils.

Our passion

Showing respect to our clients by applying a “Quality control chart” to all areas of our work, which is followed by all members of our team at all levels.

High-quality grapevines, in their own environment, grape harvesting carried out half by hand and half by machine. Pressing, winemaking process, bottling, customer service, so many jobs meticulously coordinated.

Our involvement in the search for high-quality and our investment in the changeover process to P.D.O back in 2009, brought to us much satisfaction.

Our CERDON Ancestral Method, as well as our other wines from BUGEY are certified as “Protected Designation of Origin” since then.

The result is a “Rose sparkling wine CERDON Ancestral Method”.