The harvest season at the end of September is the start of the vinification process of BUGEY, CERDON and Ancestral Method wines.

Prior to the grape-pressing phase, the Gamay and Poulsard are left to macerate for a few hours.

The “skin-contact” maceration phase of the process guarantees a good extraction of the dark pigment naturally contained in the berries skin which can also add up aromas.

The CERDON pink shade comes forth then.

Cleared off from all sludge residue the must will begin the alcohol fermentation process into vats.

From the start, we give the temperature management great importance by setting up the cooling chain (thermo-regulated vats)

When the fermentation process is stopped at 6,5% of alcohol volume, is secured by filtration and cooling.
The wine is then bottled, capped and stocked in an air-conditioned cellar at 10°C.

The foam and effervescence formation phase of the process.

The temperature raise and the presence of yeast restarts the activity in the bottle until saturation.
Then it’s left to sit for 4 to 5 months. The alcohol volume reaches 8% under a pressure of 4 to 5 bars.

Not having been put through any manipulation, there is not traditional disgorging under the Ancestral Method.

The bottles are fully emptied and washed. The filtered wine is poured into the bottles.

The transfer phase.
This is done with a counter pressure-filler in order not to lose the natural pressure contained in the bottle.

The bottles are capped with a cork, fitted with a muselet (wire cage fitted over the cork) and labelled, the CERDON Méthode Ancestrale then only awaits for you to come and taste it.