L’Ainsolite Rosé


Sparkling Rose wine, from a Gamay and Mondeuse variety, wine plots situated outside of the Cerdon designation, of strong aromas, incredibly sparkling, it will be highly appreciated as a pre-dinner aperitif.

Quantity Price per bottle (port inclus)
1 - 11 9,00
12 - 23 8,30
24 - 41 7,50
42+ 7,00


Designation: Sparkling wine of high aromatic quality

Colour: Sparkling pink

Grape Variety: Gamay – Mondeuse – Pinot noir
Soil: Clayey-limestone

Spontaneously fermented in a AM type of bottle – Partial fermentation by keeping the vats at low temperature, thus enabling production of sweet wine at low degree.

The wine becomes limpid through filtration, keeping its yeast in order to continue with a natural fermentation process in the bottle.
This forms the foam and effervescence.
The added yeast is removed by filtration and decanting.
The bottles receive also definitive cork capping and are ready to be served.

Tasting notes:
Very charming rose colour, fine mousse and light-bodied.
Dominant taste of red fruits. Distinctively half-dry (medium sweet) balancing out harmoniously its residual acids and sugars (Grape’s natural sugars).
Aftertaste: Fruity.

Best enjoyed: Aperitif, desserts

Serving temperature: 8 – 10° °C
alc/ vol %: 8.5

Vat maturation: Yes.
Best before: To be served very young within maximum 2 years.

Serving suggestion:
This wine will be very appreciated as an aperitif or at dessert, perfectly suited as reception wine.


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